All This Time

歌曲:《All This Time》

演唱:Britt Nicole


3 条评论

This song is very important to me. This song represent more than a Christian song ‘cause almost 6 months ago I met a person who becomes very very very important to me. More than a lover or boyfriend this person became my family. This person is like my sister/brother and now I realize I can’t pose this person. A couple months ago this person introduced this song to me and when this person was difficulties and he/she sent me this music ‘cause he/she said to me I’ve been walking with her/him all this time. Like this song. She/he is part of my world and life. She/he is someone who I admire and love and more than this. This person is someone who is like a warrior, like a heroine and winner. But i almost losing this person ‘cause I made some mistakes and I thought I was losing her/him. Not because this person want to leave me but because I make a lot of things that I hurt her/him. This song is important to me because this song reminds about this person and I would like to say. No matter what the problems we have. No matter the distance between Us I will keeping loving you and keeping waiting for you. So waiting me because I m going to find you next year. I love you and I will keeping loving you.


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